Get The State of Cold Email Research Report

In a world where technology has leveled the playing field, the competitive advantage for sellers has become the ability to turn insights into strategic value messaging.

In "The State of Cold Email" research report, we partnered with ZoomInfo and Tenbound to survey more than 130 executives to find out what separates good and bad emails.

  • See what messaging gets prospects' attention and why.
  • Learn how to balance email personalization with scale.
  • Uncover the surprising email message that 49% of executives say gets their attention.
  • Find out why 41% of prospects delete cold emails.
  • Discover the #1 thing you need to do, to get prospects to agree to a meeting.

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Use this report to stand out from the dozens competitors who are competing for your prospect's attention.

- Mark Marcelletti, CEO of 7 Figure Automation.